Thursday, June 2, 2011

Light Of My Life

Hello Readers,

I decided to start my blog from A again which explains why I've deleted all my old posts. I think I wanna start a new life, more better than before. I wanna be more matured. I just read my old posts and I found it's kinda like "budak baru nak up" posts. Haha. So, I've decided to delete all of it.

Hey, can't believe it's already June. How fast time goes by. I've wasted my time all this while. But I had fun with my close girlfriends. I love them to the max! Anyway, I just realised that I don't gossip too much nowadays. It doesn't bother me anymore. It's a good thing though. Oh hello, facebook and blog is what I'm doing right now and I'm still thinking of what to do tomorrow. Something interesting? Something hurting? Something pathetic? Or something crazy? Still thinking.. Stayed at home is just a bore, I can't stand it. But since I have Ching in my house which is my cat, I didn't get bored anymore. Thank you for making my life gets better, Ching (:

It's been a few days since I've last updated, a lot of drama happened which is so bad. But it's getting better now. Just so you know, I'm happy with my life especially since I have him. I'm so glad to have him in my life ♥ I went out with him this evening. We watched Karak together (: And lotsa things we've been through in one day. Auuwh, he really made my day (':

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