Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Everything We Have Is Only Borrowed

I was thinking what if he's not here. Which means "if he died". For sure I don't want it to happen, but he makes me think like that. He act weird last night. He keep saying "I'm afraid I'll never see you again" and he asked me to be faithful. He never like this before. What makes me become more afraid is he's going to leave this Thursday. He's going to Kedah for football match. We're not going to contact each other for three days because his coach will keep their phone somewhere I guess. I'm going to miss him so badly, and kinda worried because he act so weird last night as if something bad will happen. I'm afraid something will happen to him, something bad, something that I don't want to. But me, as his girlfriend, I will pray for him. I'll pray that he will be safe out there, I'll pray that something bad will not happen to him, I'll pray that he will be a good boy out there. And for sure, I'll pray that his team will win. Amin.

I almost cry when I wrote this. I know I'm being too emotional in this post, but what I write is what I feel. I don't want to lose him. Eventhough, he act annoying sometimes, but I do love him. I never felt like this before. I swear.

I must stick with you forever


  1. nice day :)
    hargailah hari kemaren,
    mimpikanlah hari esok,
    tetapi hiduplah untuk hari ini.
    bagi-bagi motivasinya yaah...

  2. nice day :)
    Bermimpilah tentang apa yang ingin kamu impikan,
    pergilah ke tempat-tempat kamu inginkan,
    Jadilah seperti yang kamu inginkan,
    karena kamu hanya memiliki satu kehidupan
    dan satu kesempatan untuk melakukan hal-hal
    yang ingin kamu lakukan