Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Part Of The List

Hi, today is Saturday, but I just stayed at home. Such a boring day.. Supposed to go out with him yesterday. But since he's busy, we postponed it to Monday.

I'm doing nothing at home today. I was just playing with my cat, Ching :) She just can't stop make me laugh. The funny part is when she shake her butt before she runs. Haha how cute :') I love her and nothing can describe how much I love her. I almost forget all problems when she's here, beside me. She's kinda like my bestfriend, my girlfriend, my everything. Thank you, Ching :)

Actually, this kitten came to my house. So, I gave rice and fish for her. But two days after that, I said to my mum I want to keep this cutey kitten. At first, my mum didn't allow me because I am such a busy person and no one will take care of her. But I still want to keep her, then my mum said "okay". And yeah, I'm so happy! Her age is around two months I think. She's still a baby. I LOVE YOU, CHING! :) ♥

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